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About Us

About Virgin Pure

We are changing the way British families drink water by providing a tasty, great value alternative to bottled, filtered and tap water. At Virgin Pure, we are passionate about bringing great quality water to everyone, no matter where you live.   Virgin Pure wants to make drinking water a fun and exciting experience for the whole family so that parents and children will consume more water for a healthier lifestyle, without the environmental impact of plastic bottles.   Our all-inclusive service model allows us to ensure our customers have an uninterrupted supply of the highest quality water at all times and at the lowest cost possible.   Virgin Pure aim is to provide great tasting, clean, crisp, purified water, without the bottled water price tag.


Virgin launched Virgin Pure in May 2012, through a partnership with the worldwide leader in domestic water purification systems, Strauss Water.   By partnering with Strauss Water, Virgin brings world leading proprietary water purification technology, products and expertise to the UK.   Virgin has combined this technology expertise with its never ending quest to delight customers through bringing them value and a great customer experience.   We hope you will enjoy your Virgin Pure as much as the thousands of customers that are already experience the magic of Virgin Pure.


About Strauss Water

Strauss Water is a world leader in providing quality drinking water solutions with over 40 years experience.  As a global water expert, the company has multiple patents in water treatment and purification.  It develops, produces, markets and services its own drinking water purification, filtering, heating and cooling solutions.  Strauss Water also provides customers with a high level of long term on-site service to ensure the water they consume is always top quality and safe.  Strauss Water's products are sold in over 10 countries and millions of people use them daily.  Strauss Water is part of the Strauss Group, a multinational food and beverage company with 14,000 employees and operating in 18 countries around the world.

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