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Frequently Asked Questions

Price Plans

  • What is the difference between the two price plans?

    Our most popular price plan is the monthly subscription. In the monthly subscription you join Virgin Pure on a monthly rolling contract. Payment is made on your preferred payment method every month and you have the option to cancel anytime. Your purification supplies are sent every six months and if any problems occur we will repair or replace your WaterBar on site.

    The other alternative is to purchase the WaterBar outright which includes all your purification supplies and onsite repair and replace for 12 months from installation date.

Making a purchase

  • What methods of payment can I use?

    We accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards excluding American Express.

  • What colours are available?

    Both the T6 and T7 come in red, black, silver, green and cream to match any kitchen!

  • Where can I see a WaterBar before I buy?

    Our WaterBars are available exclusively through this website and our call centre in order to offer you the best possible pricing. For peace of mind, we offer a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact our sales team for more information.

  • I don't live on mainland UK, can I join Virgin Pure?

    Sorry, you can only join Virgin Pure if the WaterBar is being installed on the UK mainland and we do not allow self-installation. Installation and set up is done by our qualified Virgin Pure technicians in order to guarantee our repair or replace service.

  • Why should I join Virgin Pure?

    We ensure you have a continuous supply of ultra-pure water. We send your purification supplies to you when they need replacing (every 6 months for the filter and descaling pod and every 12 months for the UV lamp).  Membership also provides onsite service in the unlikely event of something going wrong. Our technicians will repair or replace your WaterBar for up to 7 years.


    Our customer service representatives are available online and on the phone to help you get the most out of your Virgin Pure WaterBar. 

Product specifications

  • Is the water really boiling?

    The hot water temperature is maintained at 92-96°C – perfect for tea and coffee. If you really want boiling water, the extra hot button boosts the temperature to 100°C. So you no longer need your kettle!

  • What size are the T6 and T7 WaterBars?

    T6 WaterBar: Height 35cm x Width 31cm x Depth 32cm
    T7 WaterBar: Height 37cm x Width 31cm x Depth 36cm

  • Can my children dispense hot water?

    There’s an optional hot water child protection lock to keep your little ones safe!

  • What is an ultra violet lamp and what is its purpose?

    The UV (ultra violet) lamp kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses found in drinking water.  The result is germ free, crisp, clean water.  Chlorine is present in water to protect it and once this has been removed by the active carbon filter the UV lamp protects the water and ensures no contamination can take place.

  • What material is the hot water tank made of?

    The hot water tank is manufactured from a material called Polypropylene, this material does not secrete chemical materials such as Bisphenol A into the water.

  • Do WaterBars have any accreditations?

    We hold numerous quality assurance standards including the Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal for drinking water standards, The British WRAS Standard, the European Union Standard (CE), the Service Quality Standard (ISO 9000), and the ROHS Environmental Quality Standard.

  • Do your WaterBars use a lot of energy?

    The energy saving function ensures that our WaterBars are energy efficient.  If you select this function, the temperature at which the hot water is maintained will be reduced.



    When the energy saving option is activated, after the WaterBar has not been in use for a period of time, the hot water temperature is maintained at 60°C rather than the regular temperature of 92-96°C.  You can set 2 wake-up times to ensure that the water if piping hot just as you need it.

  • How much water do the WaterBars provide?

    It is connected to your mains water supply so will never run out – you will always have an unlimited supply of purified chilled and boiling water!  It does take time to heat and chill the water if you have emptied the 1.6 litre cold tank or the 1.4 litre hot tank.  Both the T6 and the T7 WaterBars can provide 60 cups (200 ml) of hot water per hour and 40 cups (200 ml) of chilled water per hour.

Water purification and filtration

  • What is the difference between mineral water and Virgin Pure water?

    Our WaterBars take ordinary tap water (which is under strict filtration and purification processes by the water authorities) and triple-filters and purifies it to give healthy, great tasting, chilled or boiling water.  The essential minerals stay in the water and the bad tasting chlorine is reduced by 99%.


    Virgin Pure water is like mineral water on tap.

  • What is the real health significance of bottled water compared to tap water?

    Tap water and the various brands of bottled water contain minerals, varying in composition and concentration depending on the source. In addition tap water, has chlorine added to protect it on its route to your tap.  Our triple filtration and purification process removes the chlorine from the water but leaves all the essential minerals.

  • Is the UV lamp safe and healthy to use?

    The UV lamp used in our WaterBars is a proven purification technology.  This technology is safe to use and all of our WaterBars are tested and comply with strict safety standards. The UV system is placed in a closed container and there is no danger of exposure.


    The UV illumination does not alter the water's composition but exterminates bacteria and viruses present.  After chlorine has been removed from the water it could have bacteria growth, the UV lamp ensures this does not happen.

  • What do the filtration and purification systems treat?

    The water passes through a three stage filtration and then a UV purification process.  A sediment filter removes larger particles, a tiny 2 micron filter eliminates impurities such as rust, dirt and sand and a carbon filter eliminates organic matter and other contaminants, removing 99% of bitter tasting chlorine.


    The UV purification process uses a UV lamp to kill 99.9% of micro-living organisms and unwelcome bacteria and viruses.

  • What is an activated charcoal filter?

    The elimination of chlorine and other organic substances are efficiently executed by the active charcoal. The accurate combination of different sized particles will enable absorption of a wide range of contaminators. This process is significant for water purification systems and water filtration systems, and an important component of our WaterBars.

  • Do your WaterBars treat limescale?

    Limescale is a crystallization of natural minerals (Calcium and Magnesium), which can be found in water. During the process of boiling water they crystallize and form into a visible substance. The Calcium and Magnesium are healthy and essential minerals for the human body. It has been scientifically proven that water enriched with Calcium and Magnesium is good for your health. Our WaterBars do not filter these or other essential minerals.


    As a Virgin Pure member, we will send you a descaling pod every 6 months which will ensure optimum performance of your Virgin Pure WaterBar.

  • Why is it important to replace the filter and the UV lamp on time?

    From the moment the filter is installed germs and particles will accumulate on it as they are taken out of your water. The replacement of the filter on time will ensure ongoing water quality and great tasting water.

    The charcoal loses its ability to filter properly after a period of 6 months.


    The UV lamp will have a number of activations.  After a while there will be a gradual decrease of power. As its power is diminished it does not provide optimal extermination of the bacteria and viruses.

  • Is fluoride maintained in the water?

    Our WaterBars do not change the mineral composition of the water, and thus do not not extract the fluoride. For further questions regarding the fluoride, please refer to your local water authority as the fluoridation process varies by local water authority. 

  • Is chlorine filtered from the water?

    Our WaterBars include an active carbon filter which removes 99% of chlorine and it’s nasty taste.


  • Can I install a WaterBar myself?

    Our WaterBars can only be installed by one of our own WRAS and EDWCA trained Virgin Pure technicians. This ensures quality installation and the warranty of your onsite repair or replace service which is included when you join Virgin Pure.

  • Where does it go in my kitchen?

    Your WaterBar can go wherever you choose within 2 metres of an electrical socket and within 20 metres of the mains water supply.  We recommend not to position the WaterBar too close to a continuous heat source.  Our technician will be happy to advise on the best location when he visits to do your installation – you can even try a few counter top positions before settling on what’s best for you.

  • Can I install a WaterBar inside a cabinet or a recess?

    Like all other electrical appliances, it is necessary to leave a 10cm gap between the back of the WaterBar and the wall, to allow adequate air circulation. If the WaterBar is installed inside a recess (built in) please make sure that the size of the recess is at least as follows: Height 38 cm, depth 45 cm.

  • I don't want it in my kitchen, where else can it go.

    We’ve put Virgin Pure WaterBars in playrooms, studies, conservatories etc.  Your WaterBar can go wherever you choose within 2 metres of an electrical socket and within 20 metres of the mains water supply.

  • How is a WaterBar installed?

    Installation is by one of our own Virgin Pure WRAS and EDWCA trained technicians. The WaterBar is easily installed by connecting it via a 6mm flexi tube to your mains supply through a small pencil size hold in your kitchen countertop.

    Installation requirements: within 2 metres of an electrical socket and within 20 metres of the mains water supply.

  • Can you install a WaterBar if I have a granite worktop?

    Yes! Our technicians have had specialist training and equipment to drill through granite, marble and corian work surfaces.

Owning a WaterBar

  • Can I change the filters and lamps myself?

    It’s quick and easy to change the filters and lamps.  We send you a simple guide when we post them to you.  If you have any questions phone our customer service team and they’ll talk you through how to do it.

  • How should I clean my WaterBar?

    Use a soft cloth and lukewarm water to clean the body and a dry cloth to clean the control panel.

    Do not clean with harsh detergents, concentrated cleaning fluids, solvents or abrasive cleaning aids. Remember that the WaterBar is connected to the electrics, do not wet the back with water as water and electricity don’t really mix! Use a soft cloth and lukewarm water to clean the appliance's body, and a dry cloth to clean the control panel.

  • How often do I need to change filters and where do I get them from?

    The filter needs to be changed every 6 months and the UV lamp every 12 months. As a member of our Virgin Pure, these will be shipped directly to your door when due for replacement, keeping it nice and simple for you!


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