Virgin Pure Water Dispensers

Installation & Servicing

Installation & Service

At Virgin Pure we want to ensure you have a great experience from day one. A Virgin Pure technician will install and set-up your WaterBar in less than an hour. After that, we will take care of sending you your supplies every 6 months when you need them and provide on-site service as needed. With Virgin Pure you will enjoy an uninterrupted supply of ultra-pure, great tasting chilled and boiling hot water.



  • Our Virgin Pure technician will install and set up your WaterBar for you
  • We come on the day you want and at a time that works for you 
  • We’ll help you find the ideal spot – up to 20 metres from your mains supply 
  • Connects to your water supply via a small pencil size hole in your worktop
  • It takes less than an hour to get your WaterBar up and running
  • Our technician will help you set your preferences, so you’re ready to go
  • Moving home? We will disconnect your WaterBar for you and reinstall it at your new home free of charge

Supplies & Service


  • We automatically send your long life filter packs to your door every 6 months
  • Included in your filter packs is a descaling pod for your hot water tank to ensure you have great tasting, clean hot water at all times
  • Every 12 months we send you your long life UV lamp pack
  • Dedicated support team helps you get the most from your WaterBar
  • Any problems with your WaterBar, a Virgin Pure technician will visit your home and ensure your WaterBar is back up and running or replaced, all at no extra cost for up to 7 years for active Virgin Pure Members


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